Would you like to be part of the Pioupiou family and go even further by testing our skincare products with your little ones? Become our ambassador!

What is it?

Pioupiou products have been thought and developed for the sensitive and delicate skins of our little ones and their families. Here, you have the opportunity to test our new products exclusively. There's nothing like a life-size test to see, feel and try our soft and organic skin care products. By sharing your experience and your reviews, you participate in the success of our care products and are guarantors of their quality and effectiveness.

  • Curious and committed family?

    Do you want the best for your children and your family? Do you want to discover new natural and organic care products? Passionate, curious, you love to share your experience and advise those around you?

    Join the adventure!

  • Passionate influencer?

    Do you have a loyal community that follows you for your commitments, your sincere reviews and your sharing of news? Sharing content about your beauty routine, your product experiences and your family rituals is natural for you?

    Join us!

How does it work?

1. Apply easily online

Each application is carefully studied, there is no draw. We select the profiles that have the most affinity with the proposed product.

2. Receive the product at home

Welcome to the adventure! You will receive the product directly at home with a description and instructions for use.

3. Test the product in a generous size

Effectiveness, sensoriality, design, packaging... It's up to you to note every aspect of the product from its discovery to the results observed.

4. Share your experience

Be authentic and transparent! Your detailed reviews will help parents and consumers find their ideal product, and help us improve to create the best natural care for families!

Pioupiou Family

Patch tests, dermatological checks and other wider surveys guarantee the effectiveness and quality of our products. Your feedback and suggestions allow our products to become even better and more visible, and to perfectly meet the needs of consumers, young and old.

Pioupiou loves its ambassadors, they are part of the Family!

A few words from the founder

"We need you!

I have created this range of soft and natural care products for our little ones and their families. Transparency, Respect and Love are our values.

So, your feedback is very important to Pioupiou. It helps us to develop the best products, healthy, efficient and that you like! You also contribute to the brand's reputation and help us to convey the right messages and the right gestures for a natural and gentle routine with our children."

Join us!

Any questions?

Why participate in our tests?

Participating in our product tests helps us to develop products that best meet your expectations. Indeed, your detailed and authentic feedback allows us to develop innovative and efficient products that perfectly meet the needs of parents and families. Moreover, by sharing your reviews on social networks and product pages, you not only give visibility to our brand, but you also allow your community to buy a product with a clear conscience. And not just any product!
It is a product that you have appreciated after testing it and that corresponds to your values and needs.

How to participate and become a Pioupiou ambassador?

You can apply online by filling in the application form with about 20 questions. We carefully select each ambassador according to the product to be tested and in cohesion with the vision and values of our brand.
Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter on this page to be informed of all our product testing programmes in advance and thus have the opportunity to apply and be selected.

What happens after the product test?

Once the products have been tested, we invite you to submit authentic and detailed reviews to inform our community as accurately as possible. These reviews can be published on your own social networks as a post (Instagram, Facebook,...), on your personal website - as an article - or in your stories. You can make photos or videos to illustrate your words (in situation, before/after or at the moment of receiving the product). This way, you send an incentive signal to consumers and your community, which helps reassure them about the effectiveness of the product you tested.

How does the programme work?

1- Thanks to a page on our website dedicated to the Ambassador Program, you will have access to the different tests proposed by our brand. An explanatory text about the program invites you to participate in one or more of the tests set up.
2- You can apply online by answering a questionnaire that allows us to learn more about the specifics of your profile (physical characteristics, interests, socio-demographic data, if necessary).
3- Once selected, you will receive the product at home in real size (no samples) as well as an instruction manual that will allow you to obtain all the benefits of the product and to have a perfect experience during the entire test.
4- Test the product and rate every aspect of it (sensoriality, effectiveness, packaging, texture, smell...) from the moment you discover it to the final results.
5- Share your experience by broadcasting authentic reviews that guide consumers in their future purchases. These reviews help them to find the skin care product that meets their skin requirements and to improve our products.
You will have access to your dedicated Trustt account, allowing you to have access to all product information and to post your reviews after testing.
Feel free to attach photos, in addition to your reviews !

Do I have to leave a reviews on all the products I receive?

Writing a reviews for each product received, after having carried out the test, helps the brand to create products that correspond as much as possible to the consumers' expectations, but also allows to enlighten the community on the effectiveness of the tested products. We are convinced that sharing personal experience is an incredible asset to improve our products and help users to use them well. We value the reviews consumers 100% authentic and verified that allow families to make informed purchases.