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Care products 100% of natural origin | we explain!

Natural cosmetics adapted to the most delicate skins. What does this mean?

Pioupiou Cosmetics rigorously selects natural ingredients for the development of its baby and family care products. Discover our vision regarding the formulation choices of soft, natural and healthy care for the little ones and the whole family.


Formulation: the key to natural and healthy skin care products

The formulation is a key element in the conception of our care. At Pioupiou, we are proud to offer cosmetics whose raw materials are all from nature. Our formulas do not contain any synthetic ingredient, it is a very important criterion for us.

It is reassuring to know that all the cosmetic ingredients in our products are beneficial to our health and our planet. 100% natural cosmetics offer high quality and efficiency, without making any compromises. The latest innovations and organic discoveries allow us to obtain products that are effective, innovative and pleasant to use. The use is pleasant, the textures are superb to use and the active ingredients are powerful and effective. 


Preservatives: the need for optimal protection

Any product that contains water needs ingredients that help preserve it to avoid the development of microbes. In order to have a product adapted to the smallest, of quality and which lasts a little in time, the preservatives are inevitable.

In some of Pioupiou's care products, our face cream for example, we use preservatives from nature which ensure an optimal protection of our formulas, while preserving your health and that of your children. All cosmetics, whether natural or traditional, must pass the same bacteriological tests before being marketed. Natural preservatives do their job just as well as traditional preservatives, and limit the risks to your health.


Texture: natural agents adapted to sensitive skin

In order to have products that are light, creamy and pleasant to use, we need to use texture agents. For some of our products, we have done numerous tests to select texture agents of natural origin, adapted to sensitive skin and not too harmful for the environment.


Perfume: fine and delicate fragrances

We have chosen to use 100% natural perfumes for our cosmetics. Nothing but nature and no synthetic ingredients, these fragrances are made from sweet smelling molecules from flowers and plants. Fine and delicate fragrances that we have selected to be low in allergens in order to obtain healthy products that are pleasant to use for the little ones and the family.

Nature offers us an extraordinary richness that allows us to create the best care products adapted to pregnant women, babies, children and even older children. This commitment is a way to offer healthy and respectful products. 


♡ Things to remember:

By buying a COSMOS ORGANIC certified cosmetic product, you can eliminate a maximum of harmful substances for children and sensitive people. Pioupiou Cosmetics offers a range of products for babies and the whole family that respect this standard, while being 100% of natural origin.

Discover and try our products without fear and enjoy a natural and healthy skin care experience.

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