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Pregnancy and well-being | our tips

How to take care of yourself when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. It is obviously synonymous with joy, because you are carrying life and will give birth to your child. It is a unique experience. But the pregnant woman can also encounter certain difficulties linked to physical and psychological upheavals. You may feel tired, stressed, impatient and worried about this new situation. This is why it is important to take care of yourself, your physical and mental health. Here are our tips for combining pregnancy and well-being.


Body changes during pregnancy

The pregnant woman's body goes through many changes during the nine months of pregnancy. These are largely due to the hormones secreted during this period. Usually present in our body, they have a regulatory function. But in the pregnant woman, their production, especially of progesterone and estrogen, increases significantly only a few days after conception.

The skin reacts to this hormonal and physical upheaval: sensitive skin, which pulls, dull complexion. The skin is drier because it is subject to water restriction. This causes the mother-to-be to feel tight and itchy. It is therefore essential to provide sufficient daily hydration. The first natural source is of course water. Therefore, remember to drink frequently and at least 1.5 liters during the day. It also comes through your food. During your pregnancy, give preference to organically grown food, without chemical substances or pesticides, in order to preserve your health and that of your future child. Moisturize and nourish your skin with healthy daily care products that are compatible with pregnancy: creams, oils or balms, depending on your preferences. This will allow you to relieve the discomfort of dry skin. It is also an opportunity to take a moment of well-being by taking care of yourself.

These changes also cause a decrease in the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that ensures, among other things, the elasticity of the skin. As your baby develops and you gain weight, the skin stretches. As its elasticity is reduced, it cracks and lets the famous stretch marks appear. It is impossible to totally protect against them, but an optimal hydration and regular massages allow to limit their formation. TheMama Baby Oil Pioupiou contains effective assets to blur and limit the appearance of these white marks.

Finally, the high concentration of pregnancy hormones stimulates the production of melanin. This is a dark pigmentary substance that reacts to sunlight. It is this phenomenon that is responsible for the appearance of brown spots, also called "pregnancy mask", in pregnant women who expose themselves to the sun. Therefore, avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible when you are pregnant and protect your skin with sun care products containing a high SPF factor (above 30). Choose organic products and natural mineral filters that are more respectful of your health and that of your baby.


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Pregnancy and well-being: the virtues of massage

Pregnancy is a special time. It is a parenthesis in your life as a woman that you must make the most of. But it is also an intense phase, full of physical and psychological upheaval. Pregnancy aches, stress and anxiety related to the arrival of a newborn are not always easy to manage. That's why you need to give yourself some time to relax. What better way to do this than with a good massage? It's a perfect solution for moms-to-be who need to let go or who simply want to take care of themselves. This activity brings various benefits:

- It relieves joint and muscle pain due to tension accumulated during pregnancy.

- It calms and relieves cramps, heavy legs, common ailments in pregnant women.

- Massage provides relaxation and well-being, which in turn promotes sleep. Since sleep is disturbed for most women who are expecting a baby due to hormonal changes and physical symptoms, this is a welcome virtue.

- It brings a connection with his child through touch, but also the sound of your voice that can accompany the effleurage.

- Massage allows you to accept and take care of this changing body, and to limit the appearance of stretch marks (as mentioned above)

There are several ways to benefit from such a treatment. First, you can go to an institute. A massage is an excellent gift to offer yourself or to have offered during your pregnancy. It will allow you to completely cut off from your daily routine and fully relax. The professionals will be able to give you more information and will advise you on the best gestures and methods according to the stage of your pregnancy. We have worked with a therapist on a massage protocol adapted to Pioupiou Cosmetics treatments and practiced in some institutes. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


You prefer to do a well-being treatment at home, in your cocoon? You can practice self-massage. You can take care of your face, your chest, your stomach or your legs. Some acupuncture points are accessible to you and will allow you to calm many pains yourself. Do not hesitate to ask your partner for a massage at home. In addition to bringing you relaxation and well-being, it will give him/her the opportunity to invest in your pregnancy, but also to exchange with your child. These two methods of massage will benefit you not only while you are pregnant, but also during the onset of labor, in order to relieve the contractions.


Natural cosmetics for pregnant women

During your pregnancy, you may realize the extraordinary power of your body. It carries life, undergoes many disturbances, participates in the creation of a new being and yet, it knows how to adapt to these great upheavals. You will surely want to bring it the best.

Natural cosmetic care products, certified for sensitive skin and labeled organic, are to be preferred for pregnant women. They are more respectful of your health and that of your unborn child than conventional beauty products.

Choosing the right product is important. Indeed, one must be careful to ensure that the care products are as gentle and natural as possible - avoiding toxic substances, overly strong active ingredients such as essential oils, or other controversial ingredients, possibly harmful to the development of the fetus. We are thinking in particular of endocrine disruptors, which are increasingly present in traditional cosmetology. However, the good progress of your pregnancy and the growth of your child are directly linked to the correct secretion of your hormones. Look for certifications, mentions and claims on the packaging, the product must reassure you.

On the other hand, natural skin care products are more gentle. However, as we have seen above, estrogen and progesterone, produced in greater quantities when you are expecting a baby, make your skin more fragile. They make it more sensitive and reactive. Organic cosmetics will therefore be more adapted, more effective and more comfortable to apply.

Although they are a natural ingredient, you must be careful with essential oils. Very intense, they are for the most part not recommended for pregnant women and young children. Ask before using them and prefer care without EO.

Pioupiou offers gentle care products adapted to the whole family, and especially to pregnant women. We have selected gentle ingredients to allow use during pregnancy and from birth. Pamper yourself with a massage withMama Baby OilNourish your skin with the Gentle Balm, and apply a gentle Face Cream daily.


Things to remember:

- Pregnancy is a special time to take care of yourself.

- physical and psychological changes occur, which is completely normal.

- Your skin is suffering the consequences of hormonal changes. Make sure you provide it with optimal hydration by eating a healthy, balanced diet, drinking enough fluids and regularly applying appropriate products.

- use and abuse massage. It will bring you well-being, relaxation and relief.

- natural and certified organic cosmetics are the most appropriate for you and your baby.


Author: Anne Durdek for Pioupiou Cosmetics

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