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5 Tips to take care of our little ones' skin this summer ☼

As we know, the sun can have negative effects on adult skin, but even more so on the delicate skin of our little ones. Babies' and children's skin is not yet as thick as adults and its natural self-protection mechanisms are not mature enough, making it particularly vulnerable to UV exposure. In general, it takes until puberty for the skin's full capabilities to be developed. Therefore, it is important to protect your child and organise the right routine, starting in the spring, to get a head start on the summer sun. Here are some simple tips and tricks for those nice, sunny days.


☼ 1 - Avoid exposure and protect

For babies, the best protection is to stay indoors, or to protect them well if this is not possible. It is strongly recommended that babies under 6 months of age are not exposed to the sun.

In general, it's best if toddlers and children can stay inside when the sun is at its hottest (between 11 am and 3 pm). Try to schedule your outdoor play sessions around those peak sun times  Avoid the midday hour and if you are going for a walk, choose shaded paths wherever possible.

A golden rule: never go out without protection!


☼ 2 - Moisturize

To prepare the skin to face the aggression of the sun's rays, it must be deeply moisturised. You can continue to apply your moisturising products on a daily basis to create this barrier and limit the aggression that the skin will suffer. Also remember to refresh your skin and face regularly to avoid tightness.

In addition to skincare products, and for good hydration of our children's skin, we must not forget to drink a lot of water regularly, from a very young age (from the age of 4 to 6 months, think of offering sterilised water to your baby as a supplement to his food and milk*).

*Unless reviews your doctor says otherwise, don't hesitate to ask your questions.


☼ 3 - Cover

When you go out, put your children in light, loose-fitting, clothes that provide decent coverage. Anti-UV options are also highly effective.

No hat, no play! make sure your child is wearing a hat when outside, preferably with a wide brim, as this will protect your child's head, face, ears and neck. Sunglasses are also recommended, even for babies (they have sensitive eyes too). There are a range of sunglasses for babies available with head straps and soft materials, specially designed to adapt to their morphology.

For new-borns or younger babies who spend a lot of time in their pram, stay in the shade or try to position them with their backs to the sun as much as possible and remember to keep the front open and let the air through. Do NOT cover the pram with any fabric, even muslin cloths can trap heat and very rapidly increase the temperature inside the pram to dangerous levels.


☼ 4 - Use suitable products

If there are still areas of exposed skin, apply a sun cream. It will help create a protective barrier between the skin and the sun. It is difficult to choose the right cream, but it plays an essential role in protecting your little ones' skin. Products specially developed for babies and children are more suitable with less allergens and chemical ingredients. But in case you have nothing else, no exposure or adult cream is better than nothing.

Apply sun cream regularly (every 1-2 hours), on all exposed areas (don't forget the feet, or behind the ears for example), and in all weathers (even in cloudy weather and even at altitude and in the mountains).


☼ 6 - Rest and cuddles in the evening

In the evening or after exposure to the sun, remember to clean your children's skin and hair thoroughly with clear, warm water. Remove any cream residue, salt or chlorine, for example.

Moisturizing is always very important. Use our range of products to gently and deeply moisturize the skin. Rest, calmness and a moment of well-being are to be encouraged to recharge our little ones.


Pioupiou's product tips...

Moisturize your face morning and night with a suitable product. Think about moments of well-being and calm after exposure, use an oil massage before, during and/or after the bath. Then protect and relieve dry areas with a more intense treatment. Our products such as the Oil and Balm are perfect for caring for your little ones' skin after long summer days.

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 We wish you a great summer!

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